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Also, I guess I should give an update, or lack thereof: the pig is still in the cage, and we're on day 3 so I am getting pretty exasperated. She seems healthy although she had the nerve not to devour the entire sweet potato I cut into large chunks for her this morning. Ungrateful swine! It was a beautiful purple sweet potato - a nice big one, fantastic for cooking into a number of delicious dishes. Oh well, I have more. And she ate some of it, just not all of it at once. I guess it's a good thing if she isn't starving.

I now have the phone number for the friend of the tenant who suggested Sam (the pig trapper) and have left a message with her. But she hasn't called back and Sam is still no where to be seen.

I'm not going to call the authorities kopek suggested just yet, though I greatly appreciate the suggestion. As those of you familiar with more rural Hawaiian areas know, it probably wouldn't be a great idea for a haolie malihini (outside white person) to call the authorities on a local guy as one of my first official acts while gradually moving in. But I will seek help from them (though I may tell them I don't know the trapper's name) if this drags on.

I'll update the thread when something happens.

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