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RIP Piggie

Update - Sam appeared! It turns out he wanted to come deal on Sunday, but couldn't buy bullets. So he showed up today and quickly and cleanly shot and removed the pig. He has re-set the trap, but now I have his number so I can call him directly if there is another capture.

Regarding who owns the pig - without consulting any legal code, I'd say that since we (not me personally, but a tenant on the property) asked Sam to come as a favor and trap pigs, interfering with that process should only be done as a last resort.

Technically speaking, I could probably request some of the meat he smokes. According to my son, who was listening to the conversation, he did sort of offer me some when he came out to set the trap last week (I missed it but the way I recall the conversation, it is likely my son is right).

However, there is a HUGE amount of work between setting a trap and ending up with delicious kalua pig, none of which I am doing. So I told Sam I'd be happy to buy some meat from him. He told me his auntie is getting married in a while and he's trying to prepare as much pig as possible for the festivities, so I told him no worries if he doesn't have any meat to spare now. If he has enough later, I'll take some then.

We have each other's phone numbers, so I can call him if there is another pig in the trap, and he can call me if he has some delicious kalua pig for me.

Now, the pig wasn't a pet so I suppose the photo rule does not apply, but hey, what the heck:

The pig, in the cage, our splendid nature behind her, and you can see how she has totally uprooted the soil within the cage.

Bonus photo for people who are extremely thorough SDMB readers with good memories: here's another shot that shows the Buddha statue, the mysterious disappearance of which I mentioned in another thread.