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Wow, interesting to get up in the morning and read the comments - you never know when a thread is going to gain traction around here.

Okay, two things to address:

1) Referring to a "boar" - I guess I didn't know the specifics of what that means. To me, a "pig" is a domesticated animal, even a cute one under the right circumstances, with a curly-ish tail, pinkish skin, reasonable-size eyes, and little hair. A "boar" is a wild thing, not particularly cute except in juvenile form, with a straight tail, blackish skin, tiny eyes, and covered in bristles. It seems my understanding/language use is a little incorrect. (I've also considered "wild" and "feral" as interchangeable terms, which I gather is also wrong.)

So to be more accurate, I guess I should stick with referring to the animals in this thread as "feral pigs," although a male could be referred to as a "boar." Is that right?

2) Animal cruelty issue - well, a couple of things. First, the piglets can get in and out of the cage as it has a rather large opening at one end, big enough for the small ones to slip in and be with mom. At first I thought I was seeing things ("wait, I thought there was one sow in there...did one of the babies get trapped there with her?") but now I realize what's going on. She's had a baby in there "visiting" at least a couple of times that I've noticed.

From what I've been able to observe this morning (and obviously, I ain't no wildlife biologist), the three piglets spend part of their time with mom and also wander off on their own. Mom tends to be more agitated when they are visible to her but not right next to her. The piglets seem fairly mellow, actually. Right now they are sauntering away from mom and going under the house with no apparent care in the world. (But I shouldn't anthropomorphize, I know.)

Hopefully Sam will know what to do. My guess is that if possible he'd like to get all four of them at once, but of course that is dependent on him arriving when the piglets are here, and I imagine they might run off when he comes. He's probably encountered similar situations before, given how rampant the pig population h as gotten.

Second, I'm not happy about mom being trapped/killed while she's still got young piglets, and I hope we can resolve it as kindly as possible, but as others have said (and skdo23, I appreciate you trying to be open-minded about the facts) the pigs are a real problem here, and unfortunately doing pig control requires a little bit of "nature red in tooth and claw" acceptance along with understanding that the pigs are very damaging to the environment. And as Colibri points out, it's not like they were guaranteed an idyllic life if they weren't trapped. They get hit by cars, for example; we had a dead pig on the road outside our house just a couple days ago.

One last thing - the joke about pumas and predators: my husband ordered some "crystallized mountain lion pee" after reading on line that some guy here swears by it. At some point we may use it, but if it does discourage the pigs it only solves *our* problem by displacing the pigs to somewhere else. Also it has to be re-spread every time it rains, which for us is...constantly (our house is smack-dab in the middle of the dark blue spot, I kid you not.)