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Originally Posted by Robot Arm View Post
I don't know. George W. Bush took office with a balanced federal budget and by the end of his term there were big deficits and the economy was on the verge of collapse. If the electorate had any kind of memory that would have paved the way for a long succession of Democrats. But just eight years later Republicans were saying "George who? Never heard of him. Tax cuts!!"

I'm still disgusted with how quickly the GOP in 2009-10 was able to shuck off responsibility for the collapse (not to mention the disastrous war in Iraq) and rally behind the nonsense of the Tea Party.

The pushback and obstruction of the GOP, when the nation was reeling from the worst economic crisis in generations -- and the fact that so many Americans fell for it -- should have been a red flag as to what was coming in 2016.
I'm not expecting any surprises.