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Originally Posted by septimus View Post
In 2017, the heirs of a married couple with a $22 million estate would have to pay a $4 million estate tax is that so onerous? Remember that the estate may contain unrealized capital gains that were never taxed to begin with. In 2019 the estate tax on that same $22 million estate is .... Zero.

The way Republican voters have been gulled to vote for increases in wealth and income inequality in the U.S. is without precedent.
Two words: Death Tax.

Whatever GOP strategist came up with this phrase is a genius. GOP voters complain about "elites," they complain about their wages stagnating while the rich get richer, and then they vote for people who abolish the estate tax so the elite rich can keep even more of their money.

Why? Because the phrase "death tax" makes it sound like Hillary and Obama are going to crash their funerals and extract money from their grieving families.

Fucking genius.
I'm not expecting any surprises.