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Originally Posted by Wrenching Spanners View Post
A cafe Americano is a watered down espresso. It's resemblance to a good filtered coffee is similar to a watered down Port being passed off as a glass of wine. Do they actually do cafe Americano's in the US? I've had the horrid experience in a Barcelona Starbucks, believe it or not, of being told there's no difference between a cafe Americano and a filtered coffee. I was too eager for caffeine, and too lacking in Spanish language skills, to argue or demand a refund. Cafe con leche isn't my preferred coffee, but it's my go-to coffee in Spain since. And I've not returned to any Spanish Starbucks since that experience.
I just returned from a trip to Italy ( Sicily ) and while everyone there was great, I felt that by asking for caffe Americano was analogous to going to a pub in Ireland and asking for a pint of ( bitter, stout...whatever ) with ice cubes in it, to both cool and dilute it. No "attitude" detected ( that I could sense ) but I always wondered if they thought I was some kind of wuss that couldn't handle "a real coffee".

That said, I did drink and enjoy cups of espresso, but not as a breakfast drink. When I drink coffee with some breakfast ( there or back home ) I like a proper sized cup I can sip at and drink over a few minutes, not just a small "shot" I can down in one small gulp. I kinda' like large amounts of hot liquid in me to make my body "work", shall we say.