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Originally Posted by SpoilerVirgin View Post
The really amusing part is that in 80 years or so, Ashley, Tiffany and Brittany will be the names that sound like old women.
Point well taken.

And in 40 years, Lisa, Teresa, Susan, and Karen will be old lady names.

One of my grandmothers was named Evelyn, and one of my cousins named his daughter after her, they call her Evie. I think that was a nice way to modernize it.

I like to read old memoirs with diaries and letters, I am one of those history geeks like that, and one of the best parts is coming across truly colorful old names like Coral, Lota, Asbury, Ignatius, Ambrose, Ulof, Everard, Woodfin, Parmalee, etc... Of course there are plenty of boring old Johns, Williams, Henrys, and James, too. "Colorful" names are nothing new I guess.