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Recently seen:

A Lego Brickumentary
A light-hearted, entertaining documentary about Lego building blocks, from their earliest days to the present, with interesting discussion of the company's ups and downs, testimonials from both young fans and old, and some truly amazing Lego creations, including a huge recreation of Rivendell done entirely in Lego.

Return of the Pink Panther
Hadn't seen this 1975 comedy in years. Peter Sellers is quite good as the bumbling Insp. Clouseau but the movie just wasn't as funny as I remember.

Watched this superhero spoof again and enjoyed it. Great voice cast, lots of superhero in-jokes (especially about Superman) and impressive visuals.

Time Bandits
A deserved classic, about dwarves who steal a map of the universe from the Supreme Being ("You mean God?" "Well, we don't know him that well") in order to steal from such personages as Napoleon, Robin Hood and Agamemnon. The child star is great - I see from IMDB that this is practically his only role. The movie's downbeat ending is still a bummer.

The Third Man
Just saw a remastered print of this British masterpiece and loved it all over again - an atmospheric B&W Cold War thriller set in still-devastated postwar Vienna. Orson Welles shamelessly steals every scene he's in. Poking around on Wiki last night, I learned that there was a radio prequel series, also starring Welles!