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I saw Due Date when it came out and thought it was just OK. Not enough laughs for its running time IMHO. Several times I just wanted to throttle the Zach G. character.

Recently seen:

Leon: The Professional
At Malthus's urging, I saw the international version. It was pretty good - a hitman shoot-'em-up with a heart. Both Jean Reno and a young Natalie Portman are excellent in their roles; Gary Oldman was a bit too over-the-top as the villainous DEA agent, though.

Saw this Jean-Claude Van Damme time-travel action/adventure again after many years. Lots of plot holes, but a good B-movie.

Dark Star: H.R. Giger's World
A recent documentary about the late sf/horror visionary Swiss artist. Filmed mostly in his last years, when he was overweight and quite slow (both mentallyand physically), with interviews of many people who knew and worked with him. Giger was a pack-rat and his house was stuffed with all kinds of cool stuff from his long career. I would like to have seen more about his production design for the Alien movies.

The Pink Panther Strikes Again
Sellers is as hilarious as ever. Several times I started laughing during the setup to the gags - didn't even need to see them before being amused. Favorite bit: "Does your dog bite...?"

The Music Man
I had seen bits and pieces of this big-time 1962 musical but never the whole movie in one go. Overlong but a lot of fun, with great songs. Robert Preston absolutely dominates the screen as "Prof." Harold Hill, and Shirley Jones is pretty good as Marian the librarian.