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Originally Posted by Charlie Wayne View Post
Most of my opinion stems from the fact this was Natalie Portman's first full-length motion picture. She first captured my attention in the film "Beautiful Girls" (1996) in which I thought she did an amazing job. She was supposedly 14 years old in that film (I think, although she was really 15). She portrayed a young woman who was very hot and desirable - even though she was only 14. But I'm not a pedophile and so I had to keep my desire in my pants.

In Leon: The Professional, she was portrayed as being a little older and so I figured it was acceptable to make my feelings of desire more evident.

In short, I think she can project a highly desirable young woman and the attraction or lack of attraction was not presented in an overt fashion. But Leon clearly had to pay attention to her.
Not to make you uncomfortable, but Portman was 13 on the year of the release of this, so was probably 12 when filming. I always viewed her as being that age, so young that there's no ambiguity.

It was to me, always about a very young girl pretending to be older. And having a crush for an adult while young enough for desire, but too young to know what reality is like.

Beautiful Girls was two years later.