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Originally Posted by Evil Captor View Post
I watched "John Wicke." I was intrigued by the promos that seemed to promote Wicke as some sort of mythological figure, kind of like Kayser Soze in "The Usual Suspects." I thought Keanu Reaves could do a pretty good job of portraying someone like that. But I was disappointed. The story was a run of the mill violent revenge flick. Reaves' character never obtains mythic stature, he's just a pissed off assassin. Instead of using Reaves' ability to project uber-cool, he was asked to EMOTE. So stupid. Not worth my time, or anyone else's.
Wick, not Wicke. We enjoyed it, it had the appropriate mix of action and cartoonish violence, plus Theon Greyjoy being metaphorically emasculated. 60% on our personal Metacritic score.