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ID this, um, song?

Waiting for a concert to start, half listening to the soundtrack between the opening bands setups.

This song comes on - not a song in any normal sense - more of spoken word over music, but even that overstates it. The voice was of a fitness instructor. It might have been a young Arnold Schwarzeneggar, without the classic exaggerated accent. While the music plays, the instructor speaks (no singing). First some preliminary instructions, but then nothing but "1....and Down, 2.... and Down, 3... and Down" and so on forever. Then back to further instructions, then "1... and Up, 2.... and Up...."

It went on for a long time and without my knowing it has burned itself into my brain. I wanna hear it again, but no amount of searching has led me to it. The headliners of the concert were Alice in Chains and Korn in Detroit (maybe you were there and heard it too?)

Do you know what I'm talking about?