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Originally Posted by Argent Towers View Post
The first one I sent you, actually, was the one that was retouched (heavily de-saturated.) The one now is how the picture originally appeared. I decided I liked the original better.
Ok, in the next update the page will be changed to state that your latest photo is the unretouched one.
Originally Posted by bobkitty View Post
Too late. ::sniffle::
bobkitty, I think it is because you and Bacon Salt have struck fear into the hearts of all who have seen your photos. I mean that in a good way!
Originally Posted by Eutychus View Post
Don't feel bad. Even I don't really want to know what I look like.
Eutychus, perhaps you are unaware of the unwritten rule - if you post in this thread, you are required to send in a photo for the gallery.

Thank you to all of you who have sent in new submissions, there will be a gallery update probably by tomorrow.

And apologies to the poster whose image got lost in the shuffle and wasn't published in the last batch - this error will be corrected.