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Here's a more than meets the eye story:

Ohio Cops Threatens to Take Couple's Baby Away During a Traffic Stop

After watching this tape, I was actually prepared to give the cop the benefit of the doubt, even though their actions seemed unnecessary, intrusive, specious, and confrontational. But even with all of that, I reasoned that if the guy really looked like someone they were actively hunting for, then it makes sense they would need him to hand over his ID and remove himself from the car for possible detainment. And since I'm not an expert in Ohio law, I don't know if asking a passenger's ID is out of bounds during a traffic stop.

But it appears as if the cop all along knew who the passenger was and also knew there were no actionable warrants for him. So what becomes obvious is that the passenger was 100% right. The cop just wanted to harrass and intimidate him and his GF. He and his other buddies went fishing for probable cause until they successfully wore him down and got him to exit the vehicle.

This was nothing but a power trip. Amazing.