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Trainee sort of fell apart yesterday. We have a production timetable. She's brand spankin' new and has never been on a production timetable, so yeah, it's going to take Trainee some time to get up to speed. Before that happens, Trainee has to have everything else down pat. The tasks are largely repetitious: The more you do something, the faster you get.

Well, my department Powers That Be have decided this won't do and they need to put the fear of god into Trainee. Trainee is already nervous enough around me, never mind them. Trainee is a very conscientious sort and wants to do things correctly. TPTB couldn't give a shit -- they just want things done ASAP and if it doesn't happen, they first get pissy, then they snark, which is what they did behind Trainee's back yesterday. I heard a good portion of it. I called them out on it. I was told to keep quiet, they were just having fun "because [Trainee] is SOOOOO SERIOUS and this is NOT a serious job."

Wherein I just gave both of them the utter look of death and replied, "If you were a career [title of position] like me, you wouldn't think it was funny. TRAINEE IS NEW. Of course Trainee concerned with doing a good job. There's a lot of steps to remember and yeah, Trainee is going to stumble. Trainee has NEVER done this kind of work before. What is WRONG with YOU?"

As I said upthread, my defense may be all for naught. I'm kind of hoping Trainee walks out if only to shove TPTB's behavior right back into their faces. The downside is that I'll have to take over the hours.