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3 months ago I gave a presentation on a problem we were facing. One of the last slides showed what I thought was the likely problem. The slide showing the problem was a bit complicated, but it’s an environmental problem that covers 200,000 square miles so it really needs to be comprehensive. Since then this presentation has been given several times, and the big boss has used it for a small conference.

Yesterday we got an email from another person saying “Hey look, we think we know what the problem is!” It is the exact same thing I said 3 months ago but they used a simple excel graph to show the problem in a very limited area.

My boss and the big boss are very excited. This is the PROBLEM! So I sent an email and included my slide and said “I showed exactly that back in October.” I didn’t point out that they had both seen the presentation a couple of times and indeed had given the presentation to others.

The response? “Yes, but this is more dramatic.”

Listen. I am a fucking scientist. I am not a fucking actor. If I handed you my business card it would say:
Fucking Scientist

So take your little graph with 2 lines on it, fold it ‘til it’s all sharp corners, and shove it up your ass! If you want to cherry-pick your data so you can have “drama”, then why don’t you leave this industry and become a salesman? Since I am a fucking scientist I will use comprehensive data and actually determine if this is the problem.

Tl;dr: Boss sucks and can lick my dramatic balls.