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Originally Posted by Pithily Effusive View Post
They will struggle along with an economy that's suddenly reduced by almost 10%. This will last until they can negotiate trade agreements sufficient to make up the shortfall. During this time there will be seething recrimination and finger-pointing. Two major political parties will fall into disrepute, leaving but one to rake in the chips. It's sort of like asking, "After the man shoots off his own foot, what will happen?"
John Oliver agrees that Brexit is a very bad idea, but I don't know about the sudden 10% plunge in the economy. Will the loss be that large even if compounded for a decade?

Originally Posted by PastTense View Post
The UK government sent an A50 notice to the European Union to withdraw from that organization--which the UK Parliament approved. This notice can be unilaterally withdrawn according to the European Court of Justice. And the UK Parliament can do this up until the date of withdrawal. So technically it is still possible. The problem is the majority of Parliament favor leaving.
In 2016 large or very large majorities in all parties except DUP favored Remain. MP's favored Remain by 479 to 158 according to the numbers on that graphic. Although they may feel committed to the voters' decision, it's hard to believe a majority of MP's now really think Brexit is a good idea.

The U.S.A. was legally required to hold an election in November 2016 and then required to give the White House keys to Donald Trump, with no recourse for four years. Britain, OTOH, scored an "own-goal" and continues to score "own-goals" every day that it delays on rescinding the A50 notice. Even if they rescinded today, economic damage has already been suffered.

The Brexit referendum should have required a super-majority. Or, at a minimum, a majority in a majority of the U.K. countries — 62% of Scotland voted to Remain.

If I were a Scottish politician I think Brexit would have me joining the Separatists now and calling for a rebuild of Hadrian's Wall! ("England will pay for it!")

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