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The next date when there will be some development is 26 February when May is due to report back with the result of any talks with the EU regarding the Backstop issue. So high noon will be 27th February and a 'meaningful vote' on the Withdrawal Agreement plus any changes she has been able to agree. The EU haven't budged from their position that the deal is set in stone.

Not much hope of her winning that vote unless she pulls something dramatic out of the bag and she does not really have any more cards to play.

The BBC has drawn a little flow chart of the options that might follow.

I think she will lose the vote and then it is a case of how to avoid a No Deal and that will inevitably require a delay to the 29 March deadline. Her party may split further. So might Labour.

I suspect the delay will be about a year, a lot of elections are due in the EU in the coming months.