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Originally Posted by l0k1 View Post
. . .I'm an accountant. I understand finances. I have the vocabulary.. . .
You might be an accountant I don't know, but you haven't displayed much financial savvy by my estimation.

I have two issues with your stances thus far. The first is your complete lack of concern with racking up the nation’s debt. In your own example, you stated that you'd rather just borrow money rather than pay for our bills as we go by raising taxes. That doesn't seem like solid financial planning to me.

Second, you also seem to have the belief that an entitlement "you call it 'honor the debt'" means that the government never has to be concerned with how that debt is paid (or honored) as if by that characterization, the debt will magically be paid. You’ve alluded that “the government” will pay it as if you, and presumably the rest of your fellow tax payers, need not worry about how that will miraculously happen. As if fiscal reality has no bearing on this.

I've raised this point and others and you've yet to address them.

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