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Originally Posted by Ravenman View Post
My criticism of the OP's idea is that he's probably talking about way too much of a tax break that could be reasonably offset through other revenue. If he wanted to give lower and middle income earners a $750 payroll tax break, or something in that ballpark, and make it up on the wealthy (like me), if the numbers shook out well I would be all for it.
I'm not "married" to the $2000 figure and chose it for OP for fear that a smaller figure would be riposted with "With such a pusillanimous cut, why bother to post at all?" With proposals like Yang's attracting support, mine was intended as a mild bid for compromise.

Anyway, a carbon tax is a good idea for other reasons; and the smallish off-setting carbon tax OP proposes is in just the right ballpark.