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No, they're a nice, utilitarian vehicle. Comparison to a Tempo leaves a bit to be desired, but I don't think of Mercedes quite as the luxury mark everyone else does. They have some luxury vehicles; they have some normal day-to-day vehicles. And they're bloody expensive to fix, from what I've discovered. They're probably most closely analagous to Lincoln here. So, yeah, I guess luxury brand, but I somehow don't always feel that way with Mercedes cars (nor Lincolns.)
I once had a meeting at a factory and the Production Manager (who couldn't have looked more like a farmer if he'd tried*) proudly proclaimed that he had the biggest Mercedes in the factory. My coworkers gaggled and goggled; I asked "truck or Vito?"
Vito It's an extremely popular van.

* He was, btw.

Note that in countries where Mercedes are more common than in the US, they're a lot cheaper and faster to fix. Bring a Lincoln to Europe, and any time that thing gets a wart you need to import a dermatologist from the US.

In Germany, most if not all taxis are Mercedes. At one time, the team I was part of undertook asking several drivers about it: not only are they viewed as durable, reliable cars but also many of their drivers love detailing them. Every driver we asked proudly showed off these little boxes with special brushes and oils that you were supposed to use with the different woods and lovingly explained the maintenance they did on the car.

I've got the hypothesis that one of the reasons Mercedes-Benz decided to rebirth the Daimler brand and icon for their Smart line is precisely that: Smarts don't have woods, they're targeted to women and in general we'd rather do our nails or dust our house than detail a bunch of different wood bits in our car.

Originally Posted by Wesley Clark View Post
You can probably say that about any luxury car. What makes a mercedes better than a BMW, Lexus, Lincoln, Acura, audi, etc?

*raises hand* I know, I know! Unlike Beemers and A4s, you do not need to fail an IQ test before you're allowed to drive off with one.
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