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Originally Posted by wolfpup View Post
I remember that. The ads were unintentionally hilarious. Mercedes has long had a flair for aesthetic design, while the Granada looked somewhat like a horse's butthole. It was basically a really ugly car with a sort of vaguely Mercedes-like grill incongruously bolted on the front of it, while the actual Mercedes -- while obviously dated by today's standards and not nearly as elegant as they later became -- had fine classic lines.
I found this two-door Granada from 1978, very well maintained by the looks of it. Not gonna lie, I would drive the shit out of that thing, especially if I could get it with a manual transmission and a V8. It looks like a miniature version of a sixth generation Thunderbird. It does NOT look like a Mercedes. But I still think it looks cool.

The four-door version does leave something to be desired, and it DOES look like a cheap knockoff of a Mercedes.