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Something that surprised me recently:

I went to my niece’s college graduation. My family was seating in the stadium, pretty high up. We where watching the hundreds of graduates file in at the beginning of the ceremony, trying to see if we could spot her. We couldn’t see any faces,we were facing the stage. Just the backs of a bunch of people dressed alike, although we could see the hairstyles. We had no idea where she was going to be sitting and whether she’d be near the beginning or end of the processional.

And a few times we were like “is that her?”, “maybe” “I think that’s her” “No”........

But when she actually appeared, it was so blindingly obvious that it was a little bit astounding. We had absolutely no doubt. The back of her hair, height, posture and gait made her as recognizable as she would’ve been if she was standing right in front of me. So much so that it got us discussing how good humans are at recognition based on small cues. So I think it would be really hard to disguise yourself from someone that knew you well.

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