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Originally Posted by ZipperJJ View Post
I do full-stack web development. In 2000 I did classic ASP coding with VBScript. Since then we've had...

ASP.NET (with 4 versions)
Jquery (3 versions)
Bootstrap (4 versions)
MVC (5 versions)
DotNetCore (2 versions)
Angular (5 versions)

Not to mention the loss of Netscape and rise of Firefox, and the absolute mandatory need for mobile-friendly design.

And that's just the tiny bit of stuff I've managed to use and pay attention to in my corner of the Internet. There have been oodles of other things I never dipped my toe into that have come and gone, or come and stayed but I still haven't checked them out.

The world of Web development moves QUICK. And I am slow af.
You could just about be a programmer for our company. We are using two different flavors of Angular, dotNetCore, C#, and we just got rid of silverlight. And we have a whole group that works remotely, so you could be one of those guys!