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Originally Posted by Qadgop the Mercotan View Post
Physician, and I've moved onto the dreaded electronic medical record from paper charts.

And I hate it. It has slowed the flow, reduced me to a data entry clerk, impaired relationships with my patients, and resulted in degradation of quality of medical care, rather than its improvement, which is what it was touted to do.
Believe me, we patients don't like it either. I've mentioned some recent heart problems here, and one thing I can say about my new cardiologist is -- he looks just like the top of an HP laptop. Because that's all I've ever seen of him. He sits at a desk behind a laptop and, thus far, has never actually touched me. It's questionable whether I would recognize him in public, and I'm sure he wouldn't know me.

Getting back to the OP's question:
2000: Programmer, large engineering firm, simulation software
2019: Programmer, DARPA research lab, autonomous vehicle controls.
and the biggest change
July 2019: Retiree, boat, fishing