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Originally Posted by Dale Sams View Post
No American pilot-Japanese love interest subplot where Chuck Heston uses up all his favors to.....shove it under the rug?? I don't remember.

Maybe this movie will have Michael B. Jordan sneaking into a Dauntless and secretly being part of a squadron....or Chadwick Boseman guilting Admiral Nimitz into letting him fly an Avenger

"Admiral, I flew a cropduster for 15 years and you're out of pilots!! You need me!"
IIRC the first time this movie was revealed it was part of an announcement of a bunch of Chinese movie studios getting together to fund a WW2 based film for the American market.

I half-joked they were going to find someway to shoehorn in a famous Chinese actor playing a pilot who participated in the Battle of Midway but seeing as how part of this film is the Doolittle Raid I now wouldn't be surprised if the landing in China part was a good chunk of the piece.