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Googling for "tall actors" who have sufficient bulk (unlike Padalecki) but not so swole as to detract from the role: (Links are to images on their IMDb pages.)

Joe Manganiello 6'5" 236lbs
Armie Hammer 6'5" 207lbs <== too thin and/or pretty?
Richard Ashton 6'7" ???lbs
Adrian Bouchet 6'4" 238lbs
Pablo Schreiber 6'5" 210lbs (see below)
Terrell Carter 6'5" ???lbs

Pablo Schrieber is mainly famous for being Mad Sweeney (the Leprechaun) on American Gods and "porn 'stache" from Orange Is the New Black. He appears to be unavailable, though, as IMDb lists him as currently in production on a new tv show (on Showtime) based on the Halo videogame, where he (of course) plays Master Chief. Side note: I am super pumped to watch a Halo series on Showtime with Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief!

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