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Originally Posted by Wendell Wagner View Post
I have a theory about why Kristie Alley and Kirsten Johnston could get confused. Yes, they do look vaguely alike and have first names that are similar. What's more, they are mostly known as comedic supporting actors. Most of the time people don't remember precisely how tall some actor is. But it's also true that they are half a generation apart in age. (No, they aren't a generation apart in age. It's rare for well-known actors to have children at 16 years and eight months. Twice that amount, 33 years and four months, is reasonably common though).

I think what happens is that one actor's career will slow down in their late thirties and another actor in their early twenties will have their career pick up right then. With some resemblance between them, people who haven't followed the career of the older actor closely will wonder if this person they're now seeing is the same person as the one they vaguely remember. The one they're now seeing on TV or in movies looks a little too young, but then a lot of actors will get facial plastic surgery. This would explain why someone would not only look young for their age but also noticeably different. People who don't follow actor's careers very closely could easily get confused.
Another contributing factor could be the fact that CHEERS was in reruns for a looooong time, perhaps while 3rd ROCK was in production so the age difference might have been mitigated by seeing them when they were only a few years apart in age on the very same day.