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Originally Posted by DrFidelius View Post
One I remember is to use some hot sauce instead of vermouth and garnish with a shrimp.
A COOKED shrimp, I hope.

At what point does changing the garnish (or the vermouth ingredient) change the name of the drink? There's an English thing where they put a few dashes of bitters into a glass of gin, but that's just called a "pink gin."

If you put a whiskey sour into a tall glass, filled it with ice, and topped it with seltzer, you'd have a John Collins, the whiskey alternative to a Tom Collins. But making the same drink with vodka or rum yields a Vodka Collins or a Rum proper Christian name given.

A Gimlet is a whiskey sour made with gin. A Daiquiri is a Gimlet made with rum.

I think I need to go lie down.

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