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Originally Posted by DummyGladHands View Post
Yes, I would love it if more, stronger different meds would help, getting a pill into her is a battle every time, she hides them in her mouth and spits them out, we found pills all over the floor under her bed.
Fortunately my mother hasn't been too resistant to taking meds. She takes a handful in the morning, but takes the antipsychotic in the evening separately. Sometimes she asks what it is, and we tell her it's her "memory pill." Since she's very distressed by her memory loss, she takes it willingly. (Among my siblings, we refer to it as her "crazy pill.")

And of course there is the sibling dynamic, my one sister doesn't think Mom needs more meds, just more understanding care, which is horseshit. She even pulled her off the anti's cold turkey, which caused a small riot.

I think that at this point the family dynamic is the biggest problem, my brother has POA, both legal and medical, but he'll need to grow a pair to go up against my sister who just wants more love. In the meantime, IDK what the fuck.
Sorry to hear this. Fortunately my siblings (who include among them a psychologist in a mental hospital, a social worker, and a nurse) are all in agreement.