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Using "new" or a synonym in a title/name for something is one thing that always bugged me in Computer Science.

Some idjit decides to name something "New BlagFarp" to distinguish it from the original BlagFarp. But of course then along comes a newer Blagfarp and everybody starts getting confused by the filename or whatever as to which one is really the new one. Put a date or sequence number in it.*

"New" only works for a short time. It gets old fast.

New Coke was doomed from the start due to the "New".

So when I saw "novel" being thrown around in this context, I was shaking my head. The change is good. But it should have been given a better name much, much sooner.

* Which is why we all know that Windows 95 is newer than Windows 10 and not all related to Windows Vista.

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