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I was just now at the gym on the treadmill, watching a re-run of "Will & Grace" when it suddenly struck me that the names of the two characters (and the series) is an ironic twist:

The character Eric McCormack plays is smart, successful, handsome, but a big pushover. He always knuckles under to Grace and Jack, objecting to their many outrageous demands on him but constantly doing what they want him to do. He's intimidated by his mother, and must often be coaxed into standing up for himself. He has no WILLpower.

The character Debra Messing plays is a sexy, but extremely neurotic red-head, prone to shrill outbursts. She has no qualms about making huge public spectacle of herself on a routine basis. She is severely lacking in social GRACE.

Will & Grace. Or rather "weak-willed & graceless." Heh.