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Uncovering DurkEvil will be hard. It's not enough to perceive that something is off, since most irregularities can be explained away by the infusion of negative energy. Comprehensive memory can paper over a lot. To perceive the situation accurately requires at a minimum that the observer has familiarity with soul trapping, like Xykon did with Lirian and Dorukan. Otherwise they will lack a sufficient frame of reference. Every member of Oots might possess a piece of the puzzle, even if all lack the ability to synthesize the answer.

Redcloak would have a decent chance of obtaining such insight. I imagine he lies awake nights forming contingency plans against Xykon. Redcloak isn't an especially quick thinker, but he is methodical, wary and familiar with things going very wrong. The problem is there's no reason why he should care what Durkon's true state is.

Durkevil might very well be naive enough to reveal all as Hel's grand plans come to fruition.
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It's obviously a sticky situation: Durkon will reveal anything if asked - but Durkevil may be too arrogant/naive to inquire, "How are you plotting against me?"
Then again, Durkevil might have access to Durkon's memories, but not necessarily his true opinions. Or not.
Ironically, Tarquin might work out exactly what's going on - and may have even understood it instantly.
Malack might have kept his barbarian core hidden of course. Or he might not have had a barbarian core: maybe you only get dual personalities if the original version was of good alignment. At any rate the barbarian core may very well had reached a point of exhaustion a hundred years back.

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