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Originally Posted by obfusciatrist View Post
True, as a personal question, that does need to be answered. As a legal question that is the wrong question.

I have no personal problem with the idea that he killed Hae and yet, based on the information available to us or the court, should not be in jail.
Good thing this isn't a court and we aren't asking legal questions. Not to mention that a legal question cannot likely be answered by people listening to a podcast. The entire series was around 10 hours or so. Adnan's trial was almost two months IIRC. To even think we are qualified or able to answer the legal question makes no sense. Yes, the courts have a presumption of innocence and standard or guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, but they also have rules of evidence, cross examination, and other things that don't transparently benefit defendants. I don't know why people listening to the podcast think the former things should apply to our analysis when the latter ones don't, or that ANY of them are relevant in this case.

You haven't seen all the information available to the court, nor did you see and hear the witnesses on the stand, so you have no way of making a valid inference as to what they should have done then. His judge, to this day, still thinks he did it and that there was overwhelming evidence (her words). Why do you think you are in a better position to judge 15 years after the fact with less and/or different information?