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Originally Posted by brickbacon View Post
Instead he have people speculating and making asinine comments intimating she never made any good arguments during Adnan's trial.
I made those comments, backed up by the recollection of someone who was there for the trial. You think Rabia's a crank. I don't. Obviously, she's biased, but her arguments and evidence make sense. Have you read any of her blog posts?

The evidence for Adnan killing Hae is better than you get in many murder trials and was compelling enough for those judging him at the time to found him guilty in near record time.
This is begging the question. The evidence for every wrongly-convicted person was enough for the jury to find them guilty. And it's not like this is a random case. It's one that Sarah Koenig picked because it was so controversial and questionable.

I get that it's nice to think Adnan might have been framed or that a serial killer did it, but the evidence suggests that he did it. His innocence hangs on people explaining away how the Hae's concerns about Adnan being controlling and not getting over the breakup were high school drama and how the Nisha call was a butt dial, and a hundred other things that need to be explained away for Adnan to have been convicted. At a certain point, you need to ask yourself which scenario is more likely, and it's not Jay or a serial killer killing Hae.
His lack of guilt ought to hang on reasonable doubt. That some friends said he was controlling and some didn't isn't very convincing. That Nisha recounts a call where Jay was at the job he didn't get until after Hae's disappearance is not very convincing. I think it is more likely than not that Adnan did it. But that's a long way from "no reasonable doubt".

I also think you didn't really answer my question. You are arguing that Adnan did it, and that Gutierrez didn't do a bad job. Do you think you're applying the same level of skepticism to both claims? It seems to me that you're applying sort of a "preponderance of the evidence" standard for claims about Adnan's guilt ("which scenario is more likely"), which seems too low, and an extremely high standard for claims about Gutierrez ("Impossible to say without having read the entire transcript.").

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