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Time for me to throw in...

I think there are 2 separate plots here, possibly intersecting.

1. Jay, an amateur drug dealer, arranges an illlicit transaction that is very much out of his depth. He enlists Adnan for assistance in effecting the transaction, demanding that Adnan get a new cell phone and surrender his car to as to make tracing more difficult.

2. The payload of this transaction is referred to as "Stephanie's Birthday Present". Adnan is content to pretend this is the case, though he probably knows better.

3. Adnan needs to get to Best-Buy to make a live-drop of cash or product. He has no intent of involving Hei, but something changes at the last minute.

4. Adnan goes to Best Buy with Hei. Something goes sour. The 3rd party departs Best Buy with Hei in her car, and Adnan is left wondering what happened. At this point I think he wants to believe that Hei just ditched him, knowing that worse things could have happened.

5. Jay gets a panicked call from Adnan describing how things went down, and simultaneously a call from the 3rd party explaining that Jay needs to help bury a body and take other actions to make things right.

Having been party to some amateur drug transactions myself, this is my best reckoning of how this may have gone. Hei saw something that an unstable party felt was a threat, and she was taken. Adnan may not have even seen this... he know she's gone, and that he's partially responsible, but he didn't do it. Likewise Jay didn't observe the murder, but he knows he has some culpability as well.