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To Labrador Deceiver, just wanted to highlight another lawyer basically backing up my account on two points:

3. Christina Gutierrez's tactics were probably very useful for many of her clients....So Christina Gutierrez's approach, which I know irritated most listeners of "Serial," was probably very effective for many of her clients. People thought she sounded overly aggressive, they didn't like the sing-song nature of her cadence, and she generally came off as unlikeable. That may have been a mistake in Adnan's trial and, perhaps, a gentler, more respectful, approach would have ingratiated her with the jury when many of the witnesses came off as sincere and likeable. But for the average criminal defendant, Christina probably seemed like a white knight.
Notice how she doesn't say CG was a shit lawyer? And one more thing:

People shouldn't find hypocrisy in the fact that Adnan both thinks Christina Gutierrez did a good job for him and that simultaneously, his current appeal is dependent upon a finding of ineffective assistance of counsel.
Weird that someone else came to that same conclusion. I guess maybe this "fantasy world" I live in, where people correctly parse statements people make, has other people.