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Originally Posted by brickbacon View Post
Look at the transcripts and evidence that has come out since the podcast ended. For example, there's a whole episode about driving to BB,
The podcast is neither a trial nor a legal argument. It was always clear from the beginning what the point of view of Sarah Koenig was: That she personally found it hard to believe that Adnan was a murderer. The entire series is her exploration of whether that feeling was justified. I certainly don't believe she pulled the wool over my eyes.

Koenig was not setting forth a thorough summary of all the evidence at trial and the podcast was not entirely scripted in advance. Week-to-week, the podcast explored areas in a way that her personal explorations led her.

And most tellingly, she did not end the podcast saying, "I have proved that Adnan was innocent" or anything even close to that.

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