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Originally Posted by Fear Itself View Post
Stronger background checks do not lead to confiscation.
The two San Bernardino shooters passed all sorts of background checks, including the vetting of the woman who immigrated from Pakistan, and all their weapons were purchased legally.

Plus many on the side of stronger background checks are really trying to work toward eventual bannination. And we all know it. Once you start letting the government decide the terms under which people are allowed to purchase guns you also put the power in its hands to start coming up with ways to deny people the ability to do so. If people on the left were not so strongly anti-gun and had had a more sincere desire all along to regulate gun ownership along the same lines as automobile ownership and driver's licenses there would have been much less pushback from the pro-gun side. But just like we know Obamacare is a foot in the door to what many hope will eventually be single-payer health care, government gun regulation is a foot in the door to eventual elimination...and of course the only ones that will be eliminated are those belonging to those who feel compelled to follow the law. So guess who winds up with all the guns then?