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Originally Posted by Barkis is Willin' View Post
The Markelle Fultz experience in Philly has been a weird one. He's definitely not a star yet, but he might at least be a contributor.
At some point, for their sake, I hope so.

This piece runs down how limited he's been as a player so far.

More worrying for Sixers fans is this one, about how quickly (a ten game sample) a top-10 draft pick can be reliably categorized as a bust. They'll have to hope that Fultz's somehow unlearning how to shoot the ball from one season to the next is sufficiently unprecedented as to defy the odds. Not what you want from the #1 pick you traded for.

ETA: When I watch the Sixers, what jumps out to me is just how little Fultz does. He barely impacts the game at all, or even attempts to, like the Sixers are playing 4 on 5.

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