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Originally Posted by Urbanredneck View Post
The question was asked, what are the people on the right saying and I gave Peterson as an example.

So should the press mention racial angles in a story?
I'm not on the right, but if I were, I'd be highly insulted that you chose Peterson when there are articulate conservative commentators who aren't bat-shit crazy white supremacists. Do you regularly follow Peterson, or did you Google the incident to look for conservative comments, and Peterson's was the only one that came up?

As for your question, the answer is: only if race apparently played a role in the crime. The assailant (I refuse to use the names of violent criminals. Too many of them get off on that.) did not say he was hoping to murder a white person; he just said he was hoping to murder an adult. Race didn't play a role in the commission of the crime, and only someone as loony and disgusting as Peterson would say it did.