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Originally Posted by Budget Player Cadet View Post

You never got this message from family, peers, or the popular media?

If so, you're absolutely the exception. It's extremely hard to miss these messages.
Like, just so we're clear I'm not making this up...

Scroll down and you'll see pages upon pages of examples of the trope in popular media. Granted, at this point it's become so clichéd that most of it is lampshade hanging, but the point still stands - this is absolutely a thing people know about, a thing that is nigh-omnipresent in popular culture, and arguing that it isn't is pretty absurd.

In fact, TVTropes is an excellent resource when it comes to this kind of thing. Here's another example, with dozens and dozens of famous pop culture examples cited:

In fact, it has a whole meta page of "masculinity tropes":
Many cultures have certain expectations of what a man should and should not be. These qualities are deemed "masculine" and the men who embody them are called "real men." Common traits include bravery, diligence, endurance and strength. Failing to achieve this standard often meant rejection and mocking, while living up to it meant being stuck in a rigid role. Thankfully, these demands have loosened considerably in many parts of the world.

Some guys just never bothered to care, though.

Whether or not these tropes are positive or negative, they demonstrate what society considers masculine.
(Bolding mine.)

It is a long list. And a lot of the entries are things that either are or should be considered overwhelmingly negative. "Real Men Hate Affection", "Guys are Slobs", et cetera. And some of them are positive, too! "Papa Wolf", for example. But this is the kind of pop-culture influence everyone grows up with, and pretending that it doesn't exist is... well, it's just fucking silly, I'm sorry.