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Originally Posted by DSeid View Post
I'm not so sure that the discourse is not dominated by "liberal gals" and guys who hope to be considered "woke."
Neither [bVelocity[/b] nor msmith537 are particularly known for acting “woke”, but they are engaging the subject receptively.

You are probably not going to see that clearly when you start out biased, though. Everyone you disagree with is going to look female and progressive if you’re in the habit of dismissing females and progressives.

Most importantly, would some hypothetical perfect other term do more to help some significant additional number be open to consideration of the concepts?
By now, after people have explained what we’re talking about, I think you understand you the TM concept does actually not affirm stereotypes; it points out how expectations about what it means to be masculine damages men. Calling it “toxic stereotypes” doesn’t capture the how gender expectations impact men and women differently.

So what would be a better term than TM?

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