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Originally Posted by mikecurtis View Post
And in the House we have the opposite problem. States like Ca (and NY and IL) can dictate what happens inside a state like UT. Why should the citizens of L.A. have more say about what happens in Bears Ears, fer instance, than the people who actually live in UT? If it wasn't for equal representation in the Senate there would be NO interstate highways in HI. Why would I, as a citizen of Chicago ever vote to approve spending my taxes on bridges in the middle of nowhere MT?

And while I realize that its not a perfect analogy; octopus' point is apt. China has 5x the population of USA. Should the Chinese get 5x the voting power in the UN?

That's also why we have State legislatures; for the most part, the goings-on in Bears Ears, UT are regulated by the Utah legislature, and only the parts which are Federal in scope are in jeopardy of being run over roughshod by the good representatives of Los Angeles.

And as far as the House versus the Senate is concerned, we all seem to be forgetting that neither of them can do a whole lot independent of the other when it comes to forging actual legislation.

Ultimately though, the Senate represents the States' interests, and this made a whole lot more sense prior to the passage of the Seventeenth Amendment, when the legislatures chose the Senators, instead of a popular vote.