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Originally Posted by Ulf the Unwashed View Post
My grandson has a book I HATE.

The book in question is "The Berenstain Bears Love One Another." Or something like that. For those of you who may remember the Berenstain Bears as being rather preachy, somewhat sexist, but occasionally funny and generally inoffensive potato chip books, those days are over. The series has been commandeered by Stan and Jan's son Mike, who is a religious evangelical and has been writing books that meet this, um, theology. The results are...awful.


Later, Brother and Sister Bear help Papa do outside work, then play with Honey so Mama can make dinner, because God forbid that Papa learn to cook or Mama handle anything outside home and hearth.
Oh NOES! Brother Bear is learning how to make muffins, and Sister Bear is seeing the sun! It is the beginning of the end I tell ya! THE END IS NIGH!
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