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Originally Posted by wolfpup View Post
Yeah, but you're not one of them. You're on the opposite end of the spectrum, a kind of Dunning-Kruger specimen -- an arrogant immature blowhard with limited knowledge about technology, biology, or anything else in the world, who is in serious need of a major dose of humility. You might want to revisit the first page of this thread to remind yourself of that fact, posts #33 and #37 being perhaps especially pertinent, or this one from the Omnibus thread in which we find that you're also a racist douchebag with redneck views on social issues -- although I'm willing to be kind and just chalk that up to immaturity.

But on technology issues, you are misunderstanding the point again, as usual. No one has argued that these advanced technologies aren't possible. It's your tediously predictable, pretentious, and naive take on them that is so consistently entertaining. Your solution to climate change by geoengineering changes to the atmosphere is a great example of this because it rather beautifully exemplifies three recurring stupidities in your various pontifications: (1) the misapplication of technology (2) in a way that won't work and (3) would have worse side effects than the problem it's trying to solve. Your bloviations don't always combine all three elements, but you really hit the trifecta with this one!

And I have to say I always enjoy the threads where you declare "I know what I'm talking about" (an actual quote) when you clearly don't, and engage in arguments with professionals in their fields who clearly do. It's the same phenomenon as what might be called "laughably simplistic extrapolation" that pervades most of your bloviations: you have a vague understanding of how a neuron works, therefore, everything about how the mind works is just a matter of extrapolating some further details (entire fields of study like neuroscience and cognitive science can be dismissed as useless and unnecessary -- in fact I think you once explained to us that cognitive science was really just philosophy!); likewise, general artificial intelligence of any level is just a SMOP -- a Small Matter Of Programming! How simple the world is when one is a raving genius with a gigantic throbbing brain!
You sure wasted a lot of mental energy coming up with these insults.

I know I'm pretty smart, but I also know there's a lot I don't know. The conclusions I reach are just building on what I do know well. Sometimes I do know a layer of things well enough that further reaching conclusions are reachable.

Like, climate for example. If I take it as given that a thin layer of cheap gas injected with low energy (in the scheme of things - it would still be a massive chemical plant and apparatus costing billions) blocks insolation, I don't need to know all the details of 8 million separate climate processes to say that this would probably be an improvement over doomsday.

See what I mean? I don't know a tremendous amount of details but if the top level abstraction is correct, they don't matter to reach the conclusion that something would be an improvement.

And, frankly, I'm not even invested in this as a solution - all I asked about the climate was : if we take it as a given that a cheap gas exists that can be injected at high altitude that acts the opposite of a heating gas, and we conduct experiments, both numerical and real, to conclude it works as expected, this would be a valid approach to the problem. Maybe the widespread international rejection of considering the idea is incorrect, it's not historically unprecedented for huge numbers of people to be wrong.

Some problems cannot be isolated in such a manner and sure, only world class experts can weigh in on them. Or, in some cases, no one alive is really qualified to do so.

Take complex problems like human aging or Alzheimer's. No one alive knows what biological process to tamper with to block either, and it very well might require hundreds* of very exact changes to stop, not just a few simple drugs.

Shrug. You can comfort yourself with your incorrect conclusions about me at night, I guess, but they are wrong. Whatever you say or whatever anyone here says, if the conclusion doesn't fit the evidence, it's wrong.

*or thousands or some really huge number, it doesn't matter. You'll use even this as a "proof" that I must be dumb.

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