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Originally Posted by Little Nemo View Post
It's different in pretty much every way.

The equivalent of somebody sticking a gun in your face is a dictatorship backed by force. A government like Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union or North Korea; these regimes ruled by force because they didn't have popular support.

That's the reason democracy works better than other political system. Democratic rule means the government has to do things which are supported by a majority of the citizenship.

Democracy isn't perfect; it still allows a majority to mistreat a minority. But every other political system is worse because it allows a minority to mistreat the majority.
mikecurtis has a point.

In California, too much population resides in a few counties in SoCal. Therefore, they have a lot of power in the Legislature. They exercise this power by fucking over the rest of the state when it is convenient.
When the Northridge earthquake damaged infrastructure in the South, state money paid for the repairs. When the SF Bay Bridge was damaged by earthquake, the local area paid in the from of higher tolls.
Note that the 7 toll bridges in California are ALL in the Bay Area; none of the bridges in SoCal are toll.

The majority is screwing over the minoritiy, regardless that it is Democrats controlling other Democrats.

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