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Originally Posted by wolfpup View Post
Yes, I see what you mean. Climate engineering is a "very obvious" idea that is "certain to happen", and anyone who doesn't see it that way is an idiot. This is obvious from the most rudimentary facts, which you have fortunately mastered. That the rest of us don't see it your way means we're idiots. Got it!

You will note that among these "idiots" you must include the panel of leading international experts on the IPCC Working Group 3 who produced the latest IPCC AR5 report. Working Group 3 specifically addresses the challenges of mitigating climate change. The report runs to nearly 1500 pages and draws from the latest research on every aspect of climate change mitigation from technology, economic, and policy perspectives. Your brilliant "very obvious" idea that is "certain to happen" was not considered even worth a serious discussion. It occupies little more than one paragraph among the 1500 pages, the purpose of which is basically to dismiss the idea.
First, climate engineering isn't listed in the paragraph of "certain to happen". So you're misstating my position.

Second, if the math checks out an idea (or are you going to jump in and claim the laws of physics mean we can't change the climate in a positive way?), and the idea gets just 1 paragraph, that would be a sign that it was not given the consideration the idea deserves.

"oh, those semiconductors Bell labs found? Got 1 paragraph at the vacuum tube conference".

Finally: given that CO2 reductions are not happening per any of the IPCC suggested schedules, essentially the policy of the working group is to do nothing at all? That is, they wrote a 1500 page report and asked for something that won't be done?

I can't deny their knowledge in the subject nor do I claim to know better than these people, I'm just pointing out that most people would wonder if "do nothing" is the optimum plan.

"well, we don't really know what to do, so let's just do nothing and let the climate die".

To be fair, that is what the modern "treatment" for aging and Alzheimer's is. Absolutely nothing.

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