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Originally Posted by ISiddiqui View Post
I am a Christian. I am a Lutheran. I believe I may know the answer (though indicating one knows the will of God completely is somewhat presumptuous). I believe what were see in Acts 10 is not just about food but about people. Do not call anything unclean that the Lord has made clean and then Peter was told to go eat with a Gentile Centurion - unclean. The folks in Jerusalem were scandalized - but after the story was told they accepted it. LGBTQ people are made clean by God. They don't have sex with the same gender due to excessive lust (as was thought by then) but because they were created that way. Jesus would love then and stand by them as he did with other marginalized.

God sent the Holy Spirit for just this reason - to continue to educate us about God when we are ready to hear the Truth.

So that's the answer I think I know as a practicing Christian. What's yours?

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If you are a believer and you feel that is the answer the holy spirit has revealed to you then I have no quarrel. Only God knows all.

Its when an atheist or non believer starts asking because they havent first accepted Christ.