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Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
My point was that a character is more than just what's inside that one person, but all of their interactions with the rest of the world. And skin color might or might not change that, depending on the setting. You could write about a green-skinned Superman in any setting, but he would definitely end up being a very different character than the one we have. You could write about a dark brown-skinned Superman in any setting, but in some settings he would end up being a very different character (though in other settings, he might only be a slightly different character).

And no, you don't have to make your version of Superman consistent with the versions of Superman who have come before. But it's certainly an option. And if you choose that option, then that constrains how the character can look.

Or, of course, you could write a story about a completely different character who flies and is bulletproof, but who looks like an Earthling human from Africa. Or you could write a story about a flying, bulletproof green alien.
And of course a black Superman might be set in a Metropolis where his race is inconsequential.

Plenty of movies have depicted New York with almost no minorities or as hell-holes of crime, or where there’s no racial tension, or as a place where people spontaneously burst into singing and dancing on spotless streets.

Realism has always been relative.
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